Dryers dry our clothes; everyone knows that. But do you know the importance of dryer cleaning? Not many dryer owners pay attention to the vent cleaning of their dryers, and it may feel normal, but it can be hazardous to the family members and increase other expenses.

The sole purpose is to dry our clothes and give them a sweet scent. However, a dirty dryer vent is responsible for a higher electricity bill, damaged heating elements, soiled clothes, and fire hazards. To avoid all these problems, you should correctly clean your dryer often.

When to clean your dryer?

A dryer will give you many signs that indicate it needs cleaning. With the help of this article, you can know all these signs to maintain your dryer. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a dry vent cleaning company in Brandon for assistance:

  • The dryer takes more than usual time to dry your clothes.
  • Too much lint.
  • Your dryer shuts off due to frequent overheating.
  • Moldy smell in clothes.
  • Hotter dryer after one cycle.
  • Too little lint.
  • A burning smell from the dryer.
  • Pet hair on your dried clothes.

All these signs indicate that your dryer is not working efficiently and needs professional attention. Ideally, you should contact your dry vent cleaning professional in Brandon annually, but if you notice the above signs, you can contact them as required (when necessary).

Cost of dryer vent cleaning

Brandon’s average dry vent cleaning can cost you around $132, and the range varies from $100 to $170. The final bill depends on how long the cleaner has worked on your dryer and when the cleaning last happened.

How to clean your dryer vent yourself?

If you maintain your dryer with regular cleaning schedules, you can save some money and clean your dryer yourself with this DIY method. Here is a list of tools you will need while cleaning your dryer:

  • A screwdriver,
  • A vacuum,
  • An extendable and flexible brush,
  • A broom,
  • If you have a hose attachment with a vent cleaning kit, you can use it too.

Once you have these tools, go to your dryer and unplug the dryer to avoid electrocution. After unplugging it, shift the dryer from the wall to disconnect the dryer duct. You may see lint after the disconnection; you can remove this lint through hand and vacuum for the unreachable places.

Ensure to suck out the lint from the vent cover outside by rotating your cleaning brush in it. Try to get as much lint as possible so that you do not have to do this often. Once you remove the lint, clean the floor and wall where you placed your dryer and check the ducts for damage. After all this, you can put your dryer back in its place and start using it after an air fluff cycle.

You can contact 1st Response to provide you with professional dryer vent cleaning services in Brandon. Contact us at (813) 756-3899 or email us at matt@firstresponseairconditioning.com.