HVAC appliances like air conditioners, heating systems, and boilers have a fixed lifespan, after which they fail to deliver the required efficiency levels. However, many other reasons cause the efficiency graph to fall even if the appliance is new or regularly maintained.

An air conditioner has different components in it which will participate equally in its working. If even one of such components fails to work efficiently, you will notice significant changes in the working of your system. Here is a small guide to help recognize such signs that indicate the falling efficiency of your air conditioner:

Age of the system

As said, the fixed lifespan of HVAC appliances does not allow them to work for decades. Even if you frequently contact your HVAC company for AC repair in Plant City, FL, an old system will not regain its efficiency. If your current air conditioner has crossed the age of 15 years and demands too many repair jobs, you should probably think about buying a new system.

Lukewarm air

The basic purpose of an air conditioner is to maintain a cool temperature in the house by blowing cool air. Sometimes, air conditioners give out lukewarm or warm air instead of cool air. Lukewarm air can be due to many reasons like lesser refrigerant levels or frozen evaporator coils. Still, if you recently serviced your air conditioner yet it gives out lukewarm air, it may mean that the system is inefficient.


An efficient air conditioner gives out minimal to no sounds while working. You can faintly hear the air blowing out of the system, but it does not disturb your working routine. However, if you frequently hear noises like banging and grinding, you should contact an HVAC company for AC repair in Lakeland, FL, to find the real cause of these noises.


Your indoor air should smell only of your air freshener and not rotten eggs. An inefficient air conditioner tends to give off foul smells from its vents due to bacteria growth and still water. A burning smell may indicate that the vents or any component in the air conditioner are burning, and you should contact an HVAC company for emergency AC repair in Lakeland, FL, before the fire takes an uncontrollable form.

Higher bills

The old components in an old air conditioner will work for more hours to maintain the temperature, and working for more hours means consuming more electricity. The higher consumption of electricity will lead to higher energy bills, increasing the strain on your financial budget. Your HVAC technician can help you know why your air conditioner is taking more electricity, but the common reason for this is an old and inefficient system.

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