Who Are We?

First Response Heating & Air provides the best service to its customers. We treat our consumers fairly and conduct our business with the highest respect. Our service comprises fixing AC Brand in FL, cleaning your HVAC system to ensure dust-free air, fixing AC Repair Plant City, FL, and other essential HVAC necessities. We offer:

  • prompt service
  • Longer-term full-service repair contracts
  • Work that is assured
  • “Return of funds” policy
  • Feedback from clients Installation
  • Availability of a variety of choices

Request our service right away, and our knowledgeable staff at First Response Heating & Air will respond instantly. Customer satisfaction is our top concern since we appreciate your time and money. We supply an entire kit for your HVAC, so that you can use your AC while enjoying a fresh air. Don’t wait another second—get in touch with us now!

Let us know how you will get to know that your air conditioner is failing. You should be alarmed while noticing any of these signs: 

5 Warning Signs That your AC is Failing

Sudden Bill Hike

Your air conditioner’s filter will frequently become clogged with dust particles, requiring more energy to run. Always make sure the ductwork in your air conditioner is hygienic and clean. Try to inspect your HVAC system frequently because a large electricity bill will undoubtedly affect your other grocery purchases.

Sweating of Air Conditioner

When water usage in your furnace rises excessively, it sends a signal to inspect your HVAC. Sweating of your HVAC unit indicates the flow of liquid. That implies that there is some damage. That liquid may have many types of parasites in it which can infect you. Higher temperatures or humidity might occasionally cause your air conditioner to perspire.

The cooling of the space is taking longer

If your air conditioner is running but you’re still feeling warm in the summer, it might be taking too long to cool your home. When this happens, there may be a risk, so you should check your air conditioner right away and get in touch with First Response Heating and Air. We’ll take care of your HVAC needs.

Dealing with intrusive noises on your system

Contact First Response Heating and Air’s knowledgeable staff if you hear any sounds emanating from your air conditioning unit. Any buzzing noise that you hear is the result of your HVAC’s parts becoming loose. Any kind of noise also means that there are some dust particles in your HVAC unit. You should maintain it appropriately to prevent financial waste.

cycle on and off

You should contact First Response Heating and Air Repair services to avoid exorbitant charges if your air conditioning system is not functioning frequently or it is repeatedly going through the on-and-off cycle. A HVAC unit should be turned off when not in use to ensure that it is not operating continually. The aforementioned issue is a symptom that you need to fix your air conditioner because it is out-of-date.

The following tools are essential for your HVAC system while repairing:


You should have a variety of screwdriver types and sets on hand because you will be screwing and unscrewing a variety of items such as thermostats, units, vents, and so on. Make sure the screwdriver has an insulated handle to prevent electric shock.


It is one of the most important tools for the safety of your HVAC unit because it detects any voltage present by checking the electric current and protects you from electric shock while repairing. You can also use a multimeter to check the current in wires, switch boards, and so on.

A measuring tape

To provide an accurate reading from your furnace to air conditioning system, our professionals always use a tape measure. A 25-foot tape is essential.

Wrench for pipe

It aids in the security of natural gas and plumbing connections.


It is a valuable tool for HVAC technicians. Always use a headlamp because it is convenient to use while working.

Crescent spanners

Technicians should have a set of crescents ranging in size from small to large. To handle specific tasks on the HVAC unit. If you have paired sets of crescents, you will have the needed flexibility.


A set of pliers is an essential tool for any HVAC technician. It includes needle-nose, channel lock, linesman, and open face pliers, among other things. To avoid electric shock, make sure the pliers have an insulated handle.

Follow some steps to make the unit stay longer:

  • Keep a habit of checking it regularly.
  • Such as changing the filter, inspection and cleaning inside and out.
  • Daily maintenance will keep it hygienic and provide dust-free airflow.
  • While cleaning the parts, use clean cloth pieces.
  • Don’t leave it ‘on’ for an extended period of time.
  • If you find any noise in your AC, immediately contact a professional to change your furnace.
  • If there is any need for repair, do the needful.
For daily maintenance, hire our professionals at First Response Heating and Air. 

Why should you hire us?

“First Response Heating and Air”, repairs Brandon’s failing AC and Plant City’s failing AC.” We provide you with the highest quality service as customer satisfaction is our first priority. For any type of repair assistance, please contact our expert team.