Whether it be a furnace or an air conditioner, both require ducts. Ducts are an important part of your home as they help in the proper cooling and heating of your place. If there is a problem with your ducts, your home will not reach a comfortable temperature no matter how long your appliance works.

Ducts require occasional professional attention, but you cannot ignore them for long periods. Ignoring the professional care that ducts can lead to severe issues with the ducts, appliances, and your home. Allow First Response Heating & Cooling to provide you with unmatchable duct cleaning services in Brandon, FL.

1. Steps involved in duct cleaning

Our professionals follow a detailed duct cleaning plan to ensure that your ducts have no debris and leakages:

  • The first step is inspecting the current condition of your ducts to determine how much work and attention they need. 

  • The next step is increasing the negative pressure in your ducts to the maximum with the help of a HEPA vacuum.

  • We use equipment like rotating brushes and whipping tools to remove any settled dust in your vents thoroughly.

  • After cleaning the ducts, our team will inspect the remaining parts to ensure your system is working with its highest efficiency.

2. Duct cleaning and its benefits

You will surely reap benefits at the earliest after you pay the duct cleaning bill to our team:

  • Your indoor air quality will enhance.

  • Your system will work more efficiently.

  • There will be no unwanted smells or noises when the system works.

  • Your home will be free of unwanted allergens and bacteria.

  • Duct cleaning increases the overall safety of your home by decreasing the chances of fire hazards.

  • Your system will have an increased lifespan.

  • The team will fix other minor issues with your system as well.

3. Duct cleaning frequency

As we said, ducts in your home require occasional, not regular, professional attention. Although you should take proper care of your ducts by ensuring they do not have leakages or small objects did not enter them, you do not have to contact professionals each month to look into the ducts.

Cleaning your duct every two to three years is the best. It also depends on how much you use your ducts, how old they are, and how much damage they faced earlier. Observing these factors can help you decide when to contact professionals for duct cleaning.

4. Problems due to no duct cleaning

Since ducts work with both heating and cooling appliances, any problem with the ducts will affect the working of those appliances as well:

  • Dirty ducts cause appliances to overheat, leading to carbon monoxide leakage in your home.

  • You may face hot and cold pockets throughout the house.

  • The limit switch in your appliance may malfunction due to dirty ducts.

  • Sky-rocketing energy bills.

5. First Response Heating & Cooling for duct cleaning in Brandon, FL

  • Our latest gadgets are what your ducts need for a thorough cleaning.

  • Our expertise is in dealing with various HVAC services.

  • We have all the required documents and certificates needed to allow us to work on your appliances.

Contact us and know more about our work quality. We will ensure that your HVAC problems will not trouble you again anytime soon.