Air Conditioning Services in Riverview, FL

AC installation and repair are two services air conditioners’ require. If we schedule AC services on time, our AC will stay up and running for a long time and be able to outlast the summer months. Once we install an AC in our homes, it is important to schedule an AC tune-up once a year for optimal performance of the system.

1. Services that are essential for every AC

Besides professional AC installation, other essential air conditioning services in Riverview are AC tune-up, AC repair, AC replacement, and air duct cleaning. 

Below you will find details and benefits of all the mentioned AC services:

Air conditioning tune-up service

Tune-up service is not mandatory but beneficial for all the HVAC units. It can cost around $100-$200 to schedule an AC tune-up service. 

The price range can exceed when our equipment needs any other service except inspection. AC tune-up takes only a few hours. After getting our AC serviced, we experience cleaner and more efficient cooling.

An AC tune-up consists of:
  • AC diagnosis test.
  • Cleaning of the unit.
  • Motor lubrication.
  • Repair if required.
  • Faulty components replacement.
  • AC diagnosis report.
Suitable time for AC tune-up

If you wish to enjoy a sweat-free and stress-free summer, you should get your AC serviced during spring. We prepare our AC for the summer season by scheduling AC tune-ups in spring. It will be better if we service it once again after continuously using it. Scheduling AC service during the fall season can extend its lifespan.

Air conditioning repair service

The time you require AC repair service is uncertain. Whenever your AC needs a repair, it starts functioning abnormally and alerts you through various symptoms.

2. Signs when you should schedule AC repair

  • Odd sounds during air conditioning operation.
  • Dislikable smell circulation.
  • Circuit breaker tripping repeatedly.
  • Energy bills increase with time.
  • Cooling is not even.
  • Airflow is too weak.
  • Hot airflow circulation.

3. Air conditioning replacement

Generally, an AC comes with a 10 to 15 years warranty. Some mini-split air conditioning units have a 20+ years warranty. If you maintain your AC unit perfectly, and the climate of your surroundings is not too harsh on your HVAC equipment, you can keep using it until the warranty period expires. 

If your AC needs Freon refrigerant for cooling, you will have to opt for AC replacement as Freon is no longer available in the U.S. You can also opt for an AC replacement if you wish to switch to a more efficient and better AC model.

Pros of AC replacement

  • Better features for more comfort and convenience.
  • Another 10-12 years of comfort.
  • Higher energy efficiency.

4. Air duct cleaning

Air ducts can rot, crack, and get clogged with time. Thus, ductwork cleaning and repair are also essential to improve cooling efficiency.


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