An air conditioner is a necessary component of any home, especially in the summer. It’s also a good idea to be in touch with a seasoned HVAC specialist who can do routine and preventative maintenance on your HVAC system.

What does an annual air conditioning service entail?

The technician will complete the same procedures to ensure that your system is excellent. Here are some of the AC service tasks:

  • Replace the air filters
  • Cleaning of coils
  • Checking the condensate pump
  • Checking the thermostat
  • Examine the entire HVAC system visually
  • Clean any dust, grime, or debris

When should your air conditioner be serviced?

Aim to have air conditioning service in Plant City, FL, between early and mid-spring once a year. If you wait until summer arrives, you may sweat excessively while waiting for the HVAC specialist to diagnose and repair any problems.

Is it necessary to have your air conditioner serviced once a year?

A qualified HVAC expert can detect early warning signs of problems before they become significant difficulties. Fixes are usually less and less expensive if you have your air conditioner serviced regularly. You might not realize a problem until it’s much worse and more costly to correct if you don’t get the unit serviced.

Furthermore, an unserviced air conditioner loses 5% efficiency per year and consumes more energy, resulting in higher energy expenditures. This lack of frequent maintenance also puts an extra load on the system, perhaps cutting its lifespan in half.

DIY service ideas for homeowners:

  • Replace or Clean The Air Filter

While many people leave the air conditioning filter to their HVAC technician, you should change it at least once every 90 days. Assume you or your family member have allergies or asthma. In that situation, a MERV 13 filter is recommended, as it filters microscopic allergen particles such as pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants. Air filters can quickly become clogged, reducing the performance of your air conditioner and making it more challenging to cool your home.

  • Vents Should be Cleaned

Remove the vents, then wipe them clean with a soft cloth to remove any dirt affecting their efficacy. After that, vacuum as far as you can inside the ducts to remove as much dust as possible. It enhances your air conditioner’s efficiency and reduces the amount of dust and pollen particles that move throughout your home.

To prevent pipes from freezing, wrap them in foam tubing and cover the outside air conditioning unit with a tight-fitting cover. As the winter continues, make sure to clear any ice and snow from the unit’s top to avoid harm from the weight of the snow.

  • Winterize Your Air Conditioning System

By completing some essential AC winterization, you can reduce the chance of corrosion and weather damage. These chores should be included in your air conditioner’s routine maintenance.

Remove all accumulated trash, leaves, twigs, and weeds from the area around the condenser. Allow the outside unit to dry completely after rinsing it with a garden hose to eliminate insects, droppings, and debris.

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