Why is air conditioner maintenance essential?

When you live in Florida, it is more or less mandatory to have an air conditioning system installed at home. With proper maintenance, you can rest assured that your summer will not bother you. Whether you have a brand new or an older air conditioning system, you must opt for a professional AC maintenance service in Brandon, FL.

AC maintenance in Brandon, FL will give you more than you can imagine on your investment. Let’s talk about some of the benefits.

  • A Prolonged AC Life

An air conditioner is supposed to work efficiently for up to 10 years, and this kind of performance is only possible when you think about AC maintenance in Brandon, FL, once or twice a year. Won’t you love it when your AC is given an extended life?

  • Air Conditioner System Efficiency

When you take good care of any electronic appliance at home, it is bound to give you the best service. Similarly, an air conditioner will run smoothly depending upon your timely maintenance. The more you keep it clean, the fresher the air will be in your home. Choose only top AC companies in Lakeland, FL that offer impeccable maintenance service.

  • Get Good Savings on Your Investment

Air conditioner parts are expensive, and if you have to do any repair work, you will be disappointed to pay the price. Regular maintenance will save you money on repair work cost and your monthly energy bill. Invest only once, choose quality AC maintenance service in Brandon, FL and get maximum efficiency from your AC unit.

  • Maintain Your AC, Maintain Your Warranty

Most of the top AC companies in Lakeland, FL, offer a warranty on their products, but this warranty comes with a condition – regular maintenance of your unit. Just like your other appliances at home, we advise you to take extra care of your unit and prevent any sudden breakdown.

Any professional AC maintenance service in Brandon, FL inspects many parts of your air conditioning system. Let us break down this checklist for you:

  • Air Filter – It is an essential component in your system. Air Filters work relentlessly to remove pollen, dust, smoke, grease, and other unhealthy materials from the indoor air.

  • Evaporator and Condenser Coil – The first one removes heat and humidity from the air while the latter takes the heat and discharges it outside.

  • AC Duct – This is the passage through which the cool air passes into your room.

  • Thermostat – It is a crucial component in your HVAC system that maintains the desired temperature in your room.

  • Central Fan – It distributes cool air into your room.


Along with these, many other AC parts will be inspected thoroughly by the professional team during your AC maintenance service in Brandon, FL. In the end, we hope you have a better understanding of why it is essential to maintain your AC and what you can get from the process. We at First Response Air Conditioning should be your only choice if you reside anywhere near Brandon, FL.

Our work across the area is appreciated because of our trained professionals, quick service, and helpful suggestions. Schedule your annual AC maintenance with us in Brandon, FL and never be disappointed.

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How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need to Be Serviced?

Any air conditioner can perform well when you take care of it from the beginning. If you want your AC to give you maximum comfort, we suggest you clean it once in a while. This can be done only by experienced professionals for AC duct cleaning in Brandon, FL.

Let us share some benefits of servicing your AC on time:

  • You can expect your AC system to run up to 12 years with proper maintenance. AC duct cleaning Brandon, FL at a regular interval will give your unit a prolonged life..
  • It reduces your cost in terms of electric bills, AC parts expense, frequent repair work, and much more.
  • Not everything gets decreased with proper servicing as your air conditioner’s efficiency. When you hire professionals to clean AC ducts in Brandon, FL, your AC unit will work efficiently, and this is essential, especially during the scorching summer.

Time When Your Go for AC Servicing:

You must opt for air conditioner service twice a year, and you must do it using skilled technicians who have a pretty good knowledge regarding AC duct cleaning in Brandon, FL. This way, your air conditioning system will remain prepared to handle the heat of the summer. You can also schedule an AC cleaning service in Brandon, FL, per your requirement.

Things to Be Included in AC Servicing:

When you opt for a professional AC service provider, you can expect lots of things to be taken care of apart from AC duct cleaning in Brandon, FL.

Lubricating various parts

Because of various moving parts in your AC, you can inhale quality air inside your room. Lubricating parts also help to keep AC ducts clean in Brandon, FL.

Electrical connection checkup

An air conditioning system is a heavy electric machine that requires flawless electric work from the power supply to the system. Most of the time, it is found that due to a faulty electric line, your AC doesn’t work smoothly. Your HVAC professionals will check your AC wire and electric system thoroughly.

AC ducts cleaning

An AC duct allows cold air to move into your room and insulate a comfortable atmosphere to your room. The hired technicians will inspect and clean the AC duct in Brandon, FL.

Revamping condenser and evaporator coils

These two coils are responsible for smooth airflow and heat from the indoor air. These coils are of utmost importance in the system. Any skilled technicians will take out those coils and remove any dirt so that your AC can work at its high efficiency.


We advise hiring top professionals to keep your  AC ducts clean in Brandon, FL and we suggest you choose us – First Response Heating and Cooling. We are known to serve you fast and better. Our team of trained professionals will put your mind at ease and are ready for any task, big or small!

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How often should your HVAC system be serviced?

Overtime, HVAC systems wear out and the only way to extend its life is to schedule an annual cooling and heating service once or twice a year. Read on for more information:

1. Go for twice a year HVAC tune-ups

Any experienced HVAC technician would suggest you schedule an HVAC maintenance service once every six months. However, you can get your furnace serviced only once a year, but other HVAC equipment like air conditioners and heat pumps function better when serviced twice a year.

2. Annual HVAC service charges and process

You will have to spend approx $200 for the annual HVAC service. The price range can go above 500$ if repairs are required. The service will include system inspection, unit cleaning, minor repairs, parts lubrication, etc.

3.Spring and fall are for the annual AC and heat pump service

The spring and fall seasons are the best times to service an air conditioning unit or a heat pump. Spring is considered the ideal time because once the spring ends, we expect more efficient performance from the heat pump and better cooling from our air conditioning unit. 

We must detect minor faults in our cooling equipment before the problems become severe. For this reason, you should also schedule AC service once during the fall. 

After summer, your heat pump will have to work exactly as it did earlier. Serving it during fall is required to prepare it for the winter season.

4. Prefer pre-winter time for furnace servicing

To avoid furnace disruptions during the winter season, we must prepare it by scheduling annual service before winter. This is the reason we recommend the fall season for furnace servicing. This will allow you to enjoy efficient heating and perfectly warmed indoors during winters.

5. Ten benefits of getting your HVAC serviced annually

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Stretches life span.
  • Pure and fresh air quality.
  • Under-limit electricity bills.
  • No absurd sounds or odd smells.
  • Prevents premature replacement.
  • Saves from expensive repairs.
  • Good for the environment too.
  • No need to compromise on comfort.
  • No health issues due to HVAC.

Whether your HVAC unit is ducted or ductless, the required annual services are the same. However, the ducted HVAC system requires one more service, not annually, but once every three to five years. That service is air duct cleaning in Riverview, Fl.


First Response Heating & Cooling LLC is the most honest, genuine, and efficient HVAC company you find in Plant City, FL. 

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Five Reasons to Get an A/C Tune-Up

Air conditioning units are one of the essential components of any home. They are especially useful during the hot summer months, preserving indoor areas cool and comfortable for family and friends. However, it is easy to overlook the upkeep of our air conditioners, as we do so many other devices in our homes. Almost every homeowner only pays attention to air conditioners when they stop working or show evident signs of wear in tear. When this happens, trust the experts for immediate AC Repair in Brandon, FL.

Five reasons to get an AC tune-up

Here are some prominent reasons to get an air conditioner tune-up service:

  • Keep breakdowns at bay.

Air conditioner tune-ups are frequently referred to as “regular maintenance.” HVAC technicians investigate the interior and outside of your unit during tune-ups to look for any problems that could collapse in the coming months.

By having your air conditioner serviced, you can avoid any unexpected breakdowns that might have happened otherwise. Getting an AC tune-up is the simplest and most effective way to keep your unit running smoothly throughout the humid summer season.

  • Increases The Energy Efficiency Of Your Unit.

Like any other item of household appliances, dust and debris can accumulate in your air conditioning unit over time. While you can clean or wash the outside of the air conditioner unit, only an expert can thoroughly clean the internal coils and mechanical components.

While a little dust and dirt inside the cooling unit may not seem like much, it can hurt your air conditioner’s capacity to function. Also, the coils inside and outside your air conditioner absorb and release heat to generate the pressure and energy required to cool your home. If these coils are dust and dirt-coated, it makes it incredibly difficult for them to perform the required heat exchange, forcing you to replace them untimely.

  • Regular Tune-Ups Can Reduce Your Energy Bills.

Energy consumption and your monthly energy bill are inextricably linked. According to the ENERGY STAR, the average annual utility bill for a single-family home is $2,060. They estimate that 13% of that goes toward heating and cooling bills, though that percentage can vary depending on various factors.

  • Make your Air Conditioner Last Longer.

As previously stated, a poorly maintained air conditioner must work harder to cool your home. Dust and debris accumulate inside your unit over time, reducing its energy conversion efficiency.

Not getting your yearly tune-up can result in higher electricity prices in the short term. The long-term consequences are even worse: failing to perform yearly maintenance can reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner.

  • They Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty.

When you bought your air conditioner, it most likely came with a product warranty that covered the cost of any problems your unit might encounter. However, because air conditioners are not like other electronic devices, your warranty probably came with some restrictions.


At First Response Heating and Cooling, we are a well-known AC Repair Brandon Fl, and our expert technicians can help you save money on all your HVAC services. For more details, call us at (813) 756-3899.

Myths About Air Duct Cleaning You Need to Know

In the hot, humid weather, faulty air conditioner systems can contribute to repetitive repairs and constant discomfort, which would be unacceptable for you and your family. To avoid further mishaps and delays in such situations, it is essential to go for the right service provider, such as Riverview AC company.

What to see when selecting an AC company in the Riverview area?

Now that you have already made up your mind about repairs or purchasing an air conditioner, you should remember to select the best companion that will provide you with better quality services regarding your system and professional help.

You should consider some points while selecting an AC company in the Riverview area. 

  • Do your research and gather information through the browser as much as possible.

  • Spotting fake reviews is something you should know, and then check for feedback from the customers who have genuinely rated them well.

  • Always check if the source of the review is genuine or not. (Check for the screenshots or images, if possible).

  • Try to make decisions by thinking deeply.

  • Ask questions.

  • Also, question their hidden fees. 

Once you have followed these points, you can go further with the company and check what kind of services they provide and if it matches your requirements.

1. The benefits of choosing a professional AC company in the Riverview area

The main benefits are as follows:

  • Scheduling Appointments As per your Convenience

A good company knows when to schedule the appointment as per their customer’s convenience so that the service or the repair is done at a particular time without any trouble.

  • Professional Inspection

The best thing about selecting the best company for your air conditioner system is getting experts who know how to carry out the inspection process. They will also help to sort out your system’s issues before leaving the premises.

  • Saving Money For The Long Run

Choosing a good companion will benefit you when it comes to saving money as the technicians won’t waste your time by going for many repairs but rather they will ensure that the work is done quickly.

  • Contributes To Good Life Span

Timely repairs and maintenance can greatly impact the life and the performance of your air conditioner unit. When the regular schedule of the air conditioner is done by a professional, the problem is fixed, which contributes to long life and improves the system’s performance.

Contact us to get the best services for your air conditioner. Our team of experts would guide you the best.

What do You do if Your AC Stops Blowing Cold Air?

Are you struggling for the cold air to come out of your AC? The last thing you want to realize is to wake up and see whether your air conditioner is working properly or not when the system stops blowing the cold air. This irritation can also pose health risks to your family and pets, including you.

Once you realize that there is a problem with your system, you should go for the solution immediately. You should always contact an expert for an HVAC AC service in Lakeland, FL, for repairing the system. Checking for the root cause of the issue and communicating the solutions with your contractor always helps.

Why? There are several reasons for the air conditioner to break down and it is always a good idea to contact the experts for emergency AC repair in Lakeland, FL. Here are some of the main reasons to look for if your AC stops blowing cold air.

  • Power Issues

Power issues can be one of the main reasons your AC has stopped blowing the cold air. Air conditioners require huge power surges, so there might be times when your fuse must have tripped. Ensure that the connection is proper and the power cord is connected nicely. If you cannot do so, contact a technician from HVAC AC service Lakeland FL to fix your problem.

  • Clogged Filter

Adequate airflow might be disrupted when the air conditioner’s filter is clogged or blocked, which also might be one of the main reasons to stop the flow of cold air. For cleaning the filter, you can always check with the HVAC service technician to prevent damage to the motor and overheating.

  • Thermostat Issue

If your thermostat on your system’s unit is not set at an appropriate temperature, it might be one of the reasons because of which your AC is not blowing cold air. Here, the first step is to ensure that the thermostat’s setting is not changed. If there are some other issues, a call to an AC professional stays in order.

  • Condensate Airflow Switch

Some AC units have an integrated safety float switch that trips and shuts off when the drainpipe backs up the water. If you find it difficult to check the issue, always contact the technician from HVAC AC service in Lakeland, FL, to resolve the issue. Expert HVAC service is here to beat the summer heat.

When the summer is near, you don’t want to deal with the scorching heat, and therefore it is a good idea at all times to go for the HVAC services that will provide you with excellent solutions and assistance. If you face the problem of your AC not blowing cold air, then contact the professional right away to have a cold and calm summer.

Contact us our friendly technician at HVAC AC service in Lakeland, FL, to take care of your system properly. We will always be glad to help you in every way possible.

How Long Can You Go Without Changing Your AC Air Filter?

When using your air conditioner, the air filter collects dirt, dust, and other particles to provide you with clean, pure air to breathe and maintain good indoor air quality. Ignoring the needs of your AC will lead you to search for air conditioning repair in Plant City.

Many homeowners often ask how much time the air filters need to be changed. And the answer to this question is not fixed. But it depends on various factors. The factors determining the time after which you should change your air filter are,

  • Type of Filter

The type of air filter you use in your home determines how often you need to change the filter. In the case of basic 1 to 3-inch air filters, you are free from any allergies. You will have to change it every one month or two months. But you will need to change the filter more often, like every three weeks, if you suffer from any light to moderate allergies.

  • The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

The indoor air quality of your home affects the time after which you need to change your air filters. For instance, if anyone smokes in your home, the air quality will not be up to the mark and require frequent filter replacement.

  • Number of Pets

The number and kind of pets you have in your home can lead to more frequent air filter replacements. Almost every dog breed sheds dander collected in the air filters and clogs it. In the case of one pet, you might need to change your filter every 60 days. But if you have multiple pets, you will need to change the filters every 25 to 45 days.

  • Number of People

If you have no pets, suffer no allergies and live alone in the home, you can wait for 8 to 12 months to change the air filters. But if you live in a family of spouses and kids, then to maintain the better air quality inside your home, you will need to change it more frequently, like every 25 to 50 days.

  • Pollution Around Your Home

If you live in a rural area, the air around your home is free from high-level pollution. Then you can wait for about six months to change your air filter. But if you live in urban areas or near a heavily traveled roadway, you will need to change the air filters every 30 to 60 days.

Changing the air filters regularly will affect the ability of your air conditioner to cool your home. And also boost the overall air quality in your home. It will also lead to more airflow, resulting in cleaner air, good circulation, and low energy bills.

At First Response Heating and Cooling, we can help you with your air filter replacement, AC repair in Riverview, FL, or any HVAC service. You can contact us via call at (813) 756-3899.

Benefits Of Maintenance Of Heat Pumps In The Spring And Fall

All HVAC systems need routine maintenance to keep them in top functioning order and extend their lifespans. It’s the same with your heat pump. When you use it for heating and cooling, it requires maintenance in the fall and spring. Before the temperatures drop, now is the best time to arrange your Brandon heat pumps maintenance appointment.

Why do you need to maintain your heat pump in the spring and fall?

Annual maintenance is usually adequate to keep most heaters and air conditioners in good working order. That’s because those systems are only put under significant demand during one season of the year: winter for heaters and summer for air conditioners. Heat pumps, on the other hand, are a bit different.

A heat pump accumulates wear and tear twice as quickly as other systems since it is utilized yearly. This means it should be serviced by professionals like heat pump service in Brandon, FL, at least two times a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This will give it the best chance of surviving the high-use seasons without breaking down.

The advantages of heat pump maintenance in the spring and fall:

  • No Unexpected Repairs

It reduces the chance of costly repairs. Parts that are worn or in need of repair will be recorded during your appointment when a trained technician checks your system regularly. If these parts are changed on time and scheduled, you can avoid heat pump breakdowns and associated after-hours maintenance expenditures.

  • Good Working Order for the Changing Weather

It’s a common scenario: it’s the first cold day of the season, so you switch on your heat pumps, but nothing happens. Spring and fall Brandon heat pump maintenance allows the expert to spot any current or developing faults with your system that you may fix now rather than when it breaks down later.

  • Improvement of Energy Efficiency

When your heat pump is properly maintained, all system components operate as intended, without undue stress, ensuring that your heat pump operates efficiently. When it is not adequately maintained, it has to work more, consumes more energy, and costs you more money.

  • Extend the Unit’s Life

Longer equipment lifespan is a long-term benefit of properly maintained equipment. If you take good care of your heat pump, it will last longer. This means that it will be replaced later rather than sooner, saving you money once more.

  • Preventative Maintenance is Better

Preventive maintenance has been proven to reduce the likelihood of future issues in heat pumps by up to 90% compared to systems that do not receive it. They’ve also been demonstrated to be up to 40% more efficient than systems without regular maintenance.

You can save money on repairs and monthly costs while also extending the useful life of your heat pump by scheduling preventive maintenance twice a year. To receive the benefits, ensure that you schedule them regularly. This brings us to the significance of bi-annual upkeep.

If you are looking for heat pump service in Brandon, FL, we at First Response Heating & Cooling LLC can help you save money. Call us at (813) 756-3899 or drop us a mail here to schedule an appointment today.

Importance of Furnace Tune-Up This Winter

A thorough furnace tune-up examines your furnace from top to bottom, checking for potential problems and ensuring it functions properly. We recommend getting this done once a year, in the middle to late fall. This makes sure that your furnace is ready for the winter months ahead and provides several other advantages.

Prevents Future Breakdown

  • Getting a yearly furnace tune-up by professionals like heat pump repair in Lakeland is the simplest method to avoid future failures.
  • Tune-ups vary depending on who you employ, but the most include cleaning your system, lubricating the parts, and double-checking the connections.
  • Technicians also lookout for any issues that require attention, such as cracked heat exchangers or dim pilot lights.
  • You won’t have to worry about unclean gas valves, loose connections, or faulty parts if you get yearly maintenance.
  • Because of the natural buildup of dust and debris in your furnace, it has to work more than it needs to heat your home to the correct temperature.
  • The strain on your furnace can limit its lifespan if you don’t receive periodic tune-ups.

Lower Your Energy Costs

  • A poorly maintained furnace needs to work harder to heat your home.
  • This puts additional strain on your unit and reduces your furnace’s efficiency.
  • A furnace tune-up can increase the energy efficiency of your system by up to 30%.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Maintaining the indoor air quality of your house is essential for the health and safety of your family.
  • Inadequately cleaned furnaces can have germs and allergies in their ducts, which they subsequently discharge into the air.
  • An HVAC professional like heat pump repair Lakeland will ensure that your unit is cleaned safely and adequately heats your home.

Reduced Repair Expenditures

  • It’s significantly less likely that your heating system will need emergency repairs if it’s properly maintained and has regular tune-ups.
  • Because a routine heat pump service in Lakeland, FL, might discover any problems that may arise in the future, it is recommended.

Prevent carbon monoxide leaks

  • Although furnaces have measures to protect homeowners from carbon monoxide, leaks can occur.
  • A fractured heat exchanger or the set of coils is the most prevalent cause of furnace-related carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Heat exchangers commonly break when the coils are overworked, which can occur due to dirty air filters or inadequately sized HVAC systems.
  • HVAC professionals are trained to look for damaged heat exchangers and any other problems contributing to carbon monoxide leakage.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

  • Many heating units come with manufacturer warranties that are only honored if the user follows particular guidelines, such as getting the unit checked out once a year.
  • The guarantee on your furnace will remain valid if you schedule an annual furnace tune-up.

Increases the longevity of the unit

  • When a furnace is properly maintained and serviced yearly, it can last 15 to 20 years.
  • On the other hand, if you only service your furnace when it breaks down, it may only last five years or less.

If you want to save money on heat pump service Lakeland FL, First Response Heating & Cooling LLC is there with you. Call us at (813) 756-3899 or mail us to schedule an appointment today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Brandon

Dryers dry our clothes; everyone knows that. But do you know the importance of dryer cleaning? Not many dryer owners pay attention to the vent cleaning of their dryers, and it may feel normal, but it can be hazardous to the family members and increase other expenses.

The sole purpose is to dry our clothes and give them a sweet scent. However, a dirty dryer vent is responsible for a higher electricity bill, damaged heating elements, soiled clothes, and fire hazards. To avoid all these problems, you should correctly clean your dryer often.

When to clean your dryer?

A dryer will give you many signs that indicate it needs cleaning. With the help of this article, you can know all these signs to maintain your dryer. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a dry vent cleaning company in Brandon for assistance:

  • The dryer takes more than usual time to dry your clothes.
  • Too much lint.
  • Your dryer shuts off due to frequent overheating.
  • Moldy smell in clothes.
  • Hotter dryer after one cycle.
  • Too little lint.
  • A burning smell from the dryer.
  • Pet hair on your dried clothes.

All these signs indicate that your dryer is not working efficiently and needs professional attention. Ideally, you should contact your dry vent cleaning professional in Brandon annually, but if you notice the above signs, you can contact them as required (when necessary).

Cost of dryer vent cleaning

Brandon’s average dry vent cleaning can cost you around $132, and the range varies from $100 to $170. The final bill depends on how long the cleaner has worked on your dryer and when the cleaning last happened.

How to clean your dryer vent yourself?

If you maintain your dryer with regular cleaning schedules, you can save some money and clean your dryer yourself with this DIY method. Here is a list of tools you will need while cleaning your dryer:

  • A screwdriver,
  • A vacuum,
  • An extendable and flexible brush,
  • A broom,
  • If you have a hose attachment with a vent cleaning kit, you can use it too.

Once you have these tools, go to your dryer and unplug the dryer to avoid electrocution. After unplugging it, shift the dryer from the wall to disconnect the dryer duct. You may see lint after the disconnection; you can remove this lint through hand and vacuum for the unreachable places.

Ensure to suck out the lint from the vent cover outside by rotating your cleaning brush in it. Try to get as much lint as possible so that you do not have to do this often. Once you remove the lint, clean the floor and wall where you placed your dryer and check the ducts for damage. After all this, you can put your dryer back in its place and start using it after an air fluff cycle.

You can contact 1st Response to provide you with professional dryer vent cleaning services in Brandon. Contact us at (813) 756-3899 or email us at matt@firstresponseairconditioning.com.