Dirty air ducts can not only lead to decreased comfort levels in your home but can also cause health problems. It is essential to clean your air ducts regularly to ensure the quality of the air you’re breathing is up to standards. There are some mistakes that people often make when cleaning their ducts that can cause more harm than good. Our experts at First Response Heating & Air in Riverview, Florida, can help you if you need assistance with air duct cleaning. Call us at (813) 756-3899 for comprehensive air duct cleaning services that will leave your air ducts clean and functioning efficiently. 

Here Are Five Of The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your HVAC Ducts:

  1. DIY Air Duct Cleaning: Air duct cleaning is an intricate process that often goes wrong when attempted by those who lack the proper tools or experience. It’s advisable to leave air duct cleaning to the experts in Riverview, FL who can promise guaranteed jobs to avoid any mishaps.

  2. Overlooking Vent Covers: Vent covers tend to get overlooked when air ducts are being cleaned. The vent covers should be removed and vacuumed or washed to remove dust, pollen, debris, and dirt that can accumulate in air ducts over time.

  3. Ignoring Air Returns: When cleaning the air ducts, it is necessary to pay attention to the air returns when cleaning. Air returns are air ducts that bring air from the house, and into the air conditioning system. They should be vacuumed or washed to free them of dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

  4. Frequent Duct Cleaning: You don’t need to clean your air ducts frequently. Too much cleaning can damage them. As long as you regularly swap out your air filters, there likely won’t be an abundance of dust in the ducts anytime soon. Always hire a professional heating and air conditioning contractor in Riverview, FL for efficient duct cleaning. With First Response Heating & Air you can be assured of the best service in the area.

  5. Use of Chemicals: Using harsh chemicals to clean air ducts is not recommended as it can be dangerous and cause serious damage to your air conditioning system. There are a variety of air duct cleaning solutions available on the Riverview, FL market but it’s best to consult with an AC company before making a purchase.

At First Response Heating & Air, we provide comprehensive air duct cleaning services that will leave your HVAC system in top condition. Our experienced technicians use professional-grade cleaning methods and equipment to ensure that all dust and debris are removed from air returns, vents, fans, and other areas of the air ducts. Contact us at (813) 756-3899 or send us an email to get more information about our air duct cleaning services in Riverview, FL, and the surrounding areas!