You need your central air conditioner to function flawlessly when summer arrives, but even the best air conditioners eventually experience problems. Is your AC not cooling? Not to worry. Your air conditioner can be repaired by the heat air conditioning contractor in Riverview to get it back to working properly again.

What is The Problem and Ways to Fix it:

Air Conditioner Won’t Blow Cold Air:

Make sure all the vents are open and the thermostat is adjusted properly. if your air conditioner starts up but doesn’t pump out cool air, check the air filter. Air will not flow properly if it is blocked by dirt or other particles. The ice and frost will further impede the airflow since the obstruction may lead to the evaporator coils freezing. If that’s the issue, wash the filter with water, mild soap, and a gentle brush. To avoid these types of problems in the future, regularly clean and replace your filter.

The fan or fan motor could perhaps be the source of your issue. If the fan spins freely, there might be a leak in the refrigerant line or a problem delivering electricity to the motor. In these situations, it’s likely that you’ll need a qualified HVAC company in Riverview to come out and look at the unit.

Water Leak (Outdoors):

On warm summer days, you may notice a pool of water outside your home, directly beneath the air conditioner’s compressor. This could be caused by a number of things, such as a dry air filter, a cracked condensate pan, a broken AC seal, improper installation, and more.

As soon as you identify the cause of your AC problem, your air conditioner should be turned off and the electrical supply unplugged. If this problem is not fixed right away, things can get complicated. For this particular air conditioner problem, you might need to call a professional.

Dirty AC Filter:

The air conditioner filter plays a significant role in preserving clean, pollutant-free airflow. A blocked air filter restricts airflow, lowering the cooling power of your air conditioner. A dirty filter also prevents the system from cooling the air sufficiently.

If the airflow from your air conditioner looks congested or stuffy, check the air filter and try cleaning it. The airflow restriction is probably caused by a filthy air filter. Due to pet fur, air filters need to be changed more frequently, thus pet owners should exercise extra caution when replacing.

During peak seasons when AC is utilized the majority of the time, you should clean your filter every two weeks and replace it every two months. You can keep an eye on the condition of your system’s filters with the use of smart AC controllers. A warning on when to change the air filter might be sent by an HVAC company Riverview.

Air Conditioner Won’t Stop Running

You can have a clogged filter if your air conditioner runs longer than it should. Check to see if the problem is resolved by cleaning or replacing your filter. Your system may operate too hard, cycle excessively, and have trouble turning off if it is older or not correctly sized. Other issues that could be causing your air conditioner to run nonstop include:

  • Relay for a jammed fan.
  • A cable short in the thermostat.
  • A defective thermostat.

If your central air doesn’t turn on, adjusting the thermostat might be all that’s needed. Call a technician if it doesn’t solve the problem because your HVAC system may need to be fixed or upgraded.

Damaged Compressor:

The compressor, which aids refrigerants in conducting heat exchange and controls the AC pressure, is an essential AC part. Failure of the AC compressor can be caused by dirty coils, changes in refrigerant levels, and a lack of lubrication.

Insufficient refrigerant will cause the compressor to heat up and malfunction. If there is more than necessary, the extra refrigerant will increase the pressure inside the appliance, which could possibly cause it to malfunction.

A compressor issue is probably to blame if your air conditioner is not cooling effectively or detects a weak HVAC airflow. To fix this typical AC issue, get in touch with your neighborhood air conditioning specialist. If there is significant damage, replacing the compressor is preferable to do an air conditioning repair.

AC Making Noises:

There is an issue if you hear unusually loud AC noises coming from your unit. The noise may be inconvenient, but it aids you in diagnosing the issue before your AC problem worsens.

Different sounds signify various AC related issues; for instance, a grinding sound could be a compressor or motor failure. If there is an obstruction in the AC fan or if there is a capacitor issue, the fan will make a clicking noise. A bubbling sound in your unit could be due to a refrigerant leak or excessive moisture.

Never ignore the AC noise issue; instead, contact a licensed HVAC professional as soon as possible. You can get help from a technician to interpret the sound and fix the underlying issue.


Make it a point to have your neighborhood Sears air conditioning technician stop by once a year for a maintenance checkup after you have your AC system repaired by an air conditioning contractor Riverview. Your system will survive longer if you have frequent maintenance. Don’t worry about your ac,it’s time to call First Response Heating & Air. Give us a call today for AC, Heating, or IAQ services at (813) 756-3899.