When using your air conditioner, the air filter collects dirt, dust, and other particles to provide you with clean, pure air to breathe and maintain good indoor air quality. Ignoring the needs of your AC will lead you to search for air conditioning repair in Plant City.

Many homeowners often ask how much time the air filters need to be changed. And the answer to this question is not fixed. But it depends on various factors. The factors determining the time after which you should change your air filter are,

  • Type of Filter

The type of air filter you use in your home determines how often you need to change the filter. In the case of basic 1 to 3-inch air filters, you are free from any allergies. You will have to change it every one month or two months. But you will need to change the filter more often, like every three weeks, if you suffer from any light to moderate allergies.

  • The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

The indoor air quality of your home affects the time after which you need to change your air filters. For instance, if anyone smokes in your home, the air quality will not be up to the mark and require frequent filter replacement.

  • Number of Pets

The number and kind of pets you have in your home can lead to more frequent air filter replacements. Almost every dog breed sheds dander collected in the air filters and clogs it. In the case of one pet, you might need to change your filter every 60 days. But if you have multiple pets, you will need to change the filters every 25 to 45 days.

  • Number of People

If you have no pets, suffer no allergies and live alone in the home, you can wait for 8 to 12 months to change the air filters. But if you live in a family of spouses and kids, then to maintain the better air quality inside your home, you will need to change it more frequently, like every 25 to 50 days.

  • Pollution Around Your Home

If you live in a rural area, the air around your home is free from high-level pollution. Then you can wait for about six months to change your air filter. But if you live in urban areas or near a heavily traveled roadway, you will need to change the air filters every 30 to 60 days.

Changing the air filters regularly will affect the ability of your air conditioner to cool your home. And also boost the overall air quality in your home. It will also lead to more airflow, resulting in cleaner air, good circulation, and low energy bills.

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