Maintaining the air conditioning system in your home is essential for ensuring that it runs efficiently and effectively. Not only will regular servicing prolong the life of your AC unit, but it will also help to keep energy costs low and improve the overall air quality in your home.

The air conditioning service team at First Response Heating & Air recommends that homeowners in Brandon, FL, have their AC serviced at least once a year. It will help to keep your unit running smoothly. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you may need to service your air conditioner more frequently. If your air conditioner is not working as it should be, it is essential to have it serviced as soon as possible.

Ignoring air conditioning service can lead to the following problems:

  • Reduced Air Quality: If your air conditioner is not maintained correctly, it can circulate dust, pollen, and other allergens throughout your home. It can trigger allergies or asthma attacks in those sensitive to these airborne particles.
  • Higher Energy Bills: When your air conditioner isn’t serviced, it can become less efficient and will need to work harder to cool your home. It leads to your energy bills being higher than needed.
  • Premature Failure: All mechanical equipment has a limited lifespan. However, if you take good care of your air conditioner, it will last longer than expected. Neglecting to service can shorten its lifespan considerably.
  • Uncomfortable Indoor Temperatures: A broken HVAC system will not keep your home comfortable. You and your family will have to endure extreme heat or cold until the unit is repaired.

If you are wondering what an AC service in Brandon, FL consists of, or would like to learn more, you can expect the following:

  • Inspect the unit: Our technicians will inspect your air conditioning unit’s components, like filters, coils, and fins, for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  • Clean The Unit: Our technician will also clean the evaporator and condenser coils. It is essential because dirt and debris can build up on the coils and prevent air from flowing freely. In addition, our technician also cleans the ductwork to remove any dust or debris that has accumulated over time.
  • Test The System: After cleaning and inspecting your AC, our technician will run a series of tests to ensure it runs correctly and efficiently.
  • Repair or Replace Parts: If any parts of your air conditioner are damaged, our technicians will repair or replace them as necessary.

After a thorough HVAC service, you can be assured that your air conditioner will work correctly and provide you with a comfortable and pleasant environment at home. Contact the HVAC experts at First Response Heating & Air if you need air conditioning service in Brandon, FL, and the surrounding areas. Or, if you need a new installation, search online for HVAC installers near me, and you’ll find us and get the best service in the Florida area.