Overtime, HVAC systems wear out and the only way to extend its life is to schedule an annual cooling and heating service once or twice a year. Read on for more information:

1. Go for twice a year HVAC tune-ups

Any experienced HVAC technician would suggest you schedule an HVAC maintenance service once every six months. However, you can get your furnace serviced only once a year, but other HVAC equipment like air conditioners and heat pumps function better when serviced twice a year.

2. Annual HVAC service charges and process

You will have to spend approx $200 for the annual HVAC service. The price range can go above 500$ if repairs are required. The service will include system inspection, unit cleaning, minor repairs, parts lubrication, etc.

3.Spring and fall are for the annual AC and heat pump service

The spring and fall seasons are the best times to service an air conditioning unit or a heat pump. Spring is considered the ideal time because once the spring ends, we expect more efficient performance from the heat pump and better cooling from our air conditioning unit. 

We must detect minor faults in our cooling equipment before the problems become severe. For this reason, you should also schedule AC service once during the fall. 

After summer, your heat pump will have to work exactly as it did earlier. Serving it during fall is required to prepare it for the winter season.

4. Prefer pre-winter time for furnace servicing

To avoid furnace disruptions during the winter season, we must prepare it by scheduling annual service before winter. This is the reason we recommend the fall season for furnace servicing. This will allow you to enjoy efficient heating and perfectly warmed indoors during winters.

5. Ten benefits of getting your HVAC serviced annually

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Stretches life span.
  • Pure and fresh air quality.
  • Under-limit electricity bills.
  • No absurd sounds or odd smells.
  • Prevents premature replacement.
  • Saves from expensive repairs.
  • Good for the environment too.
  • No need to compromise on comfort.
  • No health issues due to HVAC.

Whether your HVAC unit is ducted or ductless, the required annual services are the same. However, the ducted HVAC system requires one more service, not annually, but once every three to five years. That service is air duct cleaning in Riverview, Fl.


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