Reasons you need an AC Tune-Up every year:

1. Spring Cleaning Preps for peak Performance:

It is a good idea to have someone have a look at it to make sure everything is still in working order and that it will operate normally given how long it has been sitting idle.

2. Regular Maintenance is Typically cheaper than Repairs:

While we can’t promise your AC won’t break down or experience any problems throughout the summer, we can give it a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in working order and nothing has to be replaced. Preventative maintenance helps to avert problems and is almost usually less expensive.

3. A Tune-Up increases Efficiency and decreases cooling costs:

Your A/C system might lose 5% of its working efficiency annually without routine maintenance, which means your home doesn’t cool as effectively as it would if the unit were clean and maintained.

4. A well-maintained AC lasts longer:

Regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of failure, which reduces the need for repairs and can lengthen the life of the equipment.

5. Regular Maintenance meets warranty guidelines:

Your unit’s warranty may be void if you neglect maintenance. A manufacturer’s limited warranty is typically included as standard equipment with new AC units. This warranty is typically predicated on the demand that you maintain your air conditioner properly.
What Does an AC Tune-Up include?
  • What to expect from one of our AC tune-ups is listed below:
  • Check the air filter
  • Check the balance and motion of the blower wheel.
  • Tighten the set screws and blower mounts.
  • Verify the insulation’s integrity and the tightness of the wire connections.
  • Verify the motor and blower amperages.
  • Visually examine the air handler inside (if easily accessible)
  • Confirm the split indoor coil’s functioning output temperature.
  • Verify that the condenser fan motor’s amperage demand is within the prescribed range.
  • Check for leaks near the line set and connectors.
  • Verify that refrigerant levels adhere to requirements. 
How often Should I Tune-Up my AC?
Even if there are no significant issues with your air conditioner, you should still have a professional heating and cooling technician service it at least once a year. An AC tune-up is intended to correct the deterioration that has occurred since it was last maintained.
How Long Does an AC Tune-Up take?

The HVAC company you hired is not spending the time to complete a thorough check if they advertise a 15- to 20-minute tune-up. If there are no more repairs needed, a comprehensive AC service should take an hour or less. The completion of each repair will take more time.