Five Reasons to Get an A/C Tune-Up

Air conditioning units are one of the essential components of any home. They are especially useful during the hot summer months, preserving indoor areas cool and comfortable for family and friends. However, it is easy to overlook the upkeep of our air conditioners, as we do so many other devices in our homes. Almost every homeowner only pays attention to air conditioners when they stop working or show evident signs of wear in tear. When this happens, trust the experts for immediate AC Repair in Brandon, FL.

Five reasons to get an AC tune-up

Here are some prominent reasons to get an air conditioner tune-up service:

  • Keep breakdowns at bay.

Air conditioner tune-ups are frequently referred to as “regular maintenance.” HVAC technicians investigate the interior and outside of your unit during tune-ups to look for any problems that could collapse in the coming months.

By having your air conditioner serviced, you can avoid any unexpected breakdowns that might have happened otherwise. Getting an AC tune-up is the simplest and most effective way to keep your unit running smoothly throughout the humid summer season.

  • Increases The Energy Efficiency Of Your Unit.

Like any other item of household appliances, dust and debris can accumulate in your air conditioning unit over time. While you can clean or wash the outside of the air conditioner unit, only an expert can thoroughly clean the internal coils and mechanical components.

While a little dust and dirt inside the cooling unit may not seem like much, it can hurt your air conditioner’s capacity to function. Also, the coils inside and outside your air conditioner absorb and release heat to generate the pressure and energy required to cool your home. If these coils are dust and dirt-coated, it makes it incredibly difficult for them to perform the required heat exchange, forcing you to replace them untimely.

  • Regular Tune-Ups Can Reduce Your Energy Bills.

Energy consumption and your monthly energy bill are inextricably linked. According to the ENERGY STAR, the average annual utility bill for a single-family home is $2,060. They estimate that 13% of that goes toward heating and cooling bills, though that percentage can vary depending on various factors.

  • Make your Air Conditioner Last Longer.

As previously stated, a poorly maintained air conditioner must work harder to cool your home. Dust and debris accumulate inside your unit over time, reducing its energy conversion efficiency.

Not getting your yearly tune-up can result in higher electricity prices in the short term. The long-term consequences are even worse: failing to perform yearly maintenance can reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner.

  • They Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty.

When you bought your air conditioner, it most likely came with a product warranty that covered the cost of any problems your unit might encounter. However, because air conditioners are not like other electronic devices, your warranty probably came with some restrictions.


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