Reasons For Bad Smell from AC:

Let’s look at what happens when your AC possess an odor –

1. Exhaust Fumes: 

First and foremost, open as many windows as you can and leave your house if you smell exhaust fumes or something that smells like gas. Report a potential gas leak by contacting the local gas company as well as the fire department. While most air conditioners don’t require gas for power, some do, and there might be a problem with the fluids used leaking into the HVAC system’s airflow. When rodents or other small animals perish in the ductwork, a rotten egg odor that is related to gas leaks may develop.

2. Burning Smell: 

Anything is likely burning if it smells like it. This can be a mechanical issue with the wiring, the motor, or anything else. This is a dangerous situation; quickly shut off the HVAC system at the breaker box. A short from the AC’s circuit board or fan motor can sometimes be detected by the smell being more akin to gunpowder.

3. Sewage Gas: 

If your P-traps are dry, sewer gasses could back up into your house. To fill the P-trap and form a seal against sewage odors, try running the water in each of your sinks once a month or so. If dry P-traps aren’t the cause of your issue, you can also have a clogged sewer line or a burst sewer vent pipe. Gasses from sewers can be harmful. Get in touch with a qualified HVAC or plumbing technician soon.

4. Mildew: 

The most frequent cause of a nasty AC odor is mildew. Mold or fungus are developing in or around your air conditioner and may occasionally find their way into the ductwork if you smell moldy air coming from the vents. This happens frequently, particularly in humid locations where mold or fungus flourish in warm, humid weather. If the moisture being drawn into your AC isn’t properly drained, it will eventually seep into your AC filter and begin to give your home an odor.

5. Feet:

Here, we’re not joking. Your air conditioner is probably exceedingly unclean and congested if it smells like feet and is unpleasant to the nose. This often begins with an AC that is not draining properly, causing water to pool and swell up along with all the filth and debris that was within.


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