Why AC Not Turning On:

Be sure to check out these common reasons why an air conditioner might not turn on and what you can do about it.

1.Thermostat Issues:

One of the most likely causes of your air conditioner not starting is a thermostat issue. Your AC unit’s performance may suffer greatly if your thermostat begins to malfunction.

2. Circuit Breaker Tripped:

Switching off the circuit breaker is a regular issue. A circuit breaker may trip if too many appliances are being used simultaneously. It might also take place after a storm when there are power surges. Locate your electrical panel, then examine the AC switch. Simply flip the switch to “ON” if it is currently “OFF.”

3. Incorrect Temperature Readings:

Your thermostat’s inaccurate temperature readings could be a factor in your AC system going off. Your thermostat could have trouble determining the actual temperature of your house depending on where it is installed, and it might wind up turning off as a result.

4.Leaking Refrigerant:

Your AC system may also be unable to turn on properly if it has low refrigerant due to a leak. Your system’s AC coils contain refrigerant, which could leak if the AC coil is damaged.

5.You Blew a Fuse:

If you’re upset that your air conditioner isn’t working, you might have blown two fuses: the actual fuse linked to your thermostat and an internal “fuse.” A blown fuse between your thermostat and an air conditioner is comparable to a car battery that is dead.

6.AC Motor Failure:

The component that charges the air conditioner’s motor is the capacitor. A bad capacitor may be to blame for your air conditioner’s inability to switch on if it is more than 15 to 20 years old.

7.Condenser Unit Unplugged:

Examine the cord that exits your air conditioner visually. If you have a window unit, the issue may be as simple as the AC not being plugged in.

8.You Need to Change Your Dirty Filter:

Your air filter is probably getting dirty if you aren’t replacing or cleaning it as directed by the manufacturer. Airflow to your HVAC system is impeded over time by filters that have become so clogged with dust and grime.

9.Clogged AC Drain Line:

Lack of upkeep will eventually result in the AC becoming clogged with muck and overloaded with moisture. Pouring a cup of boiling water down your drain pipe once a month will help.


Make sure you finish the preventive maintenance before restarting the machine. It lets you detect any potential issue before it becomes a problem.

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