A thorough furnace tune-up examines your furnace from top to bottom, checking for potential problems and ensuring it functions properly. We recommend getting this done once a year, in the middle to late fall. This makes sure that your furnace is ready for the winter months ahead and provides several other advantages.

Prevents Future Breakdown

  • Getting a yearly furnace tune-up by professionals like heat pump repair in Lakeland is the simplest method to avoid future failures.
  • Tune-ups vary depending on who you employ, but the most include cleaning your system, lubricating the parts, and double-checking the connections.
  • Technicians also lookout for any issues that require attention, such as cracked heat exchangers or dim pilot lights.
  • You won’t have to worry about unclean gas valves, loose connections, or faulty parts if you get yearly maintenance.
  • Because of the natural buildup of dust and debris in your furnace, it has to work more than it needs to heat your home to the correct temperature.
  • The strain on your furnace can limit its lifespan if you don’t receive periodic tune-ups.

Lower Your Energy Costs

  • A poorly maintained furnace needs to work harder to heat your home.
  • This puts additional strain on your unit and reduces your furnace’s efficiency.
  • A furnace tune-up can increase the energy efficiency of your system by up to 30%.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

  • Maintaining the indoor air quality of your house is essential for the health and safety of your family.
  • Inadequately cleaned furnaces can have germs and allergies in their ducts, which they subsequently discharge into the air.
  • An HVAC professional like heat pump repair Lakeland will ensure that your unit is cleaned safely and adequately heats your home.

Reduced Repair Expenditures

  • It’s significantly less likely that your heating system will need emergency repairs if it’s properly maintained and has regular tune-ups.
  • Because a routine heat pump service in Lakeland, FL, might discover any problems that may arise in the future, it is recommended.

Prevent carbon monoxide leaks

  • Although furnaces have measures to protect homeowners from carbon monoxide, leaks can occur.
  • A fractured heat exchanger or the set of coils is the most prevalent cause of furnace-related carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Heat exchangers commonly break when the coils are overworked, which can occur due to dirty air filters or inadequately sized HVAC systems.
  • HVAC professionals are trained to look for damaged heat exchangers and any other problems contributing to carbon monoxide leakage.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

  • Many heating units come with manufacturer warranties that are only honored if the user follows particular guidelines, such as getting the unit checked out once a year.
  • The guarantee on your furnace will remain valid if you schedule an annual furnace tune-up.

Increases the longevity of the unit

  • When a furnace is properly maintained and serviced yearly, it can last 15 to 20 years.
  • On the other hand, if you only service your furnace when it breaks down, it may only last five years or less.

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